The Village Green

Whashton village green consists of the large grassed area opposite the Hack & Spade pub at the centre of the village together with the grass verges at the top and bottom of the village.

The Village Green was gifted to the Parish Meeting by Major Cradock, the then owner of Hartforth estate and reputed Lord of the Manor of Whashton, in 1969, and therefore belongs to the village.

Grass cutting and upkeep of the green is undertaken by the villagers with the large central area being cut by the local farmer and the rest being shared mostly among those whose properties front on to the green.

The green also includes two Quoits pitches which although they have been little used in recent years are still maintained and available for use for this traditional game.

Below is a view of the village green from the top end looking down the village towards Whashton Farm with the Cleveland hills in the background. The face of the old quarry is hidden by the trees on the right of this picture.

Quoits Pitch

Details coming soon…

The Tidy Village Competition

The village has won the Tidy Village Competition a number of times in recent years. Because of its size, Whashton competes in the category for vilages with under 200 inhabitants. In previous years the prize for winning was a sturdy oak seat of which the village now has a number, but in recent years this has been replaced by a tree of choice. The village has won in the following years

1973 Seat Front of Hilltop Cottage
1980 Seat Near Granary Cottage
1982 Seat Opposite Stable Cottage
1984 Seat Outside Knox’s
1987 Seat Top of Bobby’s Bank
1989 Seat Opposite Colmartin
1991 Seat Outside York House
1993 Seat Outside Wunderbar
1994 Seat Outside Hack & Spade pub
1997 Tree Back of Village Green
1998 Tree Back of Village Green
1999 Tree Turning circle Box Hedge Cottage
2001 Tree Bottom of Bobby’s Bank